Alan Roget
The CNAs we hired from the school are excellent employees and wonderful people. Well trained and dedicated to providing care to our residents, the CNAs come to the facility prepared to work. I definitely recommend the Faith Forward school.
I couldn’t be happier with this school! Faith Forward is amazing!! Very informative. The teachers are professional but laid back and very patient. I loved that there was prayer before every class. I also love the fact that Mrs Jessica, Mrs Adrianna and Mrs Terry continue to encourage you to grow and actually do whatever they can to help you do so. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this school. I normally have a hard time feeling like I fit in but it did not feel this way with this school and am happy to have made new friends along the way. I recommend this school 100%!!
Cecilia Flores
I learned a lot definitely would do it again
Naomi Martinez
I loved the experience. Teachers are great and still helpful now that I’m graduated. Love the teaching and training they did with us most off a lot of hands on. Would do it all over again.
Katrina Aron
Coming into this program I thought I knew everything that there was to know, I was wrong I Learned more and More coming into this Academy and I would recommend anyone wanting to become an NA to come here. The Instructors are very Patient and They work with you through it all, you also get to meet new people who have experience and some who are learning just as much as you are. Thank You Thank you Thank you Faith Forward Nurse Aide Academy
Siquana Brown
Great teachers!!!!!
Julia Kosch
Fantastic program! Jessica and Adrianna are two incredible Trail Blazers that have decided to become the solution to the lack of care in our healthcare system. They have opened their doors to people and they provide quality education, great clinical experience, and they are always willing to go above and beyond for their students! I will continue to stay on touch with them for the rest of my career and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities they’ve afforded me! Their new instructor, Terry, is kind and compassionate and approaches every class with a sweet attitude! Do yourself a favor and choose this program. You will not regret it!
Nataesha Johnson
This cna program at faith forward academy is training program for people that want to get into the health care field..these lady know thier stuff..jessica and andranna are great instructors. ive learned quite bit..since starting... both of the ladys are very loving and warm..i would recommend this program for anyone that is looking to becoming an cna.
Dawn Jimenez
Great school, Teachers Arianna, Jessica, and Traci are great! Very helpful! They help the students find a Job.
Maria Ndayisenga
I would say if you want to take A CNA class go to Faith Forward Nursing Academy it is the best place to take the CNa class. They make sure you know your materials so that you able to pass. They encourage you, pray with you, and they make sure you able to get hired and if you don’t get hired anywhere you applied they have a facility ready to hire you. Best place