CNA's Training Academy by Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy

Start your nursing career today at Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy! Our CNA's training academy is the leader in nurse aide programs and nursing internships. We produce strong, compassionate professionals and introduce them into the ever-changing healthcare industry. Faith Forward strives to develop competent nurse aides who possess integrity, honor, and natural customer service skills.

Admission Requirements:

  • 16 years old or older and minimum 8th-grade education
  • Copy of social security and Driver's License
  • $200 deposit (goes towards your tuition)
  • Background check approval
  • Black scrubs to begin clinical rotation. These are to be purchased and paid for by the student independently. The student must have a uniform by the first day of the clinical course.

COST: The tuition for the weekday course is $900, and the weekend course is $950. The tuition fee can be split into installments. The curriculum and cost of books ($50) are included.

This does not include the state exam fee of $104.50.


$200 due at registration

$350 due first Monday of class

$350 due second Monday of class


$200 due at registration

$375 due First Saturday of class

$375 due Fourth Saturday of class

Send this application and pay your deposit before the deadline. You can email the completed application to [email protected] Contact Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy today for more information.